What is ergonomics:

Ergonomics is the study of peoples efficiency in their working environment. In other words ergonomics is the science of refining the design of products to optimize them for human use.

why ergonomics matter:

Executing ergonomics solution in business environment can make people more comfortable, secure and productive. It is extremely important because good working environment improve, inspire, and uplift productivity and morale. Ergonomic integration can also prevent injuries.


At habikon we take ergonomic problems and business environment very seriously suppose that Employee spend hours in their work spaces replying to emails, making reports, creating presentation ETC and we care for everyone. habikon is striving for excellence we do not compromise on our quality. Our great comfortable products comprises of top quality, high end and not compromised material. Habikon is working with pakistans top architects, engineers, designers and ergonomists from London together thet make comfortable and health friendly work spaces, furthermore ergonomics is one of the top priorities of habikon.

What we do

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Habikon furniture ltd is basically is a furniture and fixtures manufacturing and designing company, and have a back team of architects, engineers, ergonomists ETC. Which offer cataloge products which includes wide range of office and home furniture, but on the other hand also allow its client to design their furniture or guide us to design their furniture according to their need, requirements, and style. Which is very helpful, time saving and convenient For example there is a firm which have basic standards or unique preferences, theme or style, or a individual person who have its own personal medical requirements, style ETC and all that under the shade of our professional highly skilled ergonomist from London and enginners, and further more to meet its client need import indoor and outdoor furniture/fabrics/leather/office and home accessories,paints, pool covers, etc from world top brands.and provide great after sale services to its clients.


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At Habikon we create environment for our consumer where they want to be, and that’s we are proud off, for that we provide professional consultany to our valuable clients, we have a combine team of architects, engineers, and ergonomists who gave professional experts advices to client which helps them to specify best product for their project according to the requirements. In other words client gets what exactly they want.


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We made a commitment to do business differently our values inspire and motivate us to do better in future every minute.